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Your best leads don’t
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Call Metrics is the most sophisticated call tracking software, brought to you by our parent company Firefly and inconjunction with our SEO Company.

Our Attribution and call intelligence solution helps grow your business by optimising and driving revenue from your inbound phone leads.


Discover where your phone leads are coming from and attribute conversions back to the correct advertising channel.


Gain detailed intelligence on who is calling you in real time. Are they new leads? Who are your most valuable leads?


Analyse phone conversations and learn what your staff are saying (or not saying) to improve conversions.


Seamlessly integrate call data into your preferred platforms to complete customer journey and measure ROI.


Enterprise solutions to
prove media ROI.

Call Metrics empowers you with the tools you need to help attribute,

automate and optimise your inbound phone leads. We can also help with ecommerce tracking.



Discover the true path to phone lead conversion. Attribute and understand the many touchpoints your customers have engaged with across different media channels and devices before they call. Finally have a holistic view of your multi channel marketing performance.


Around 56 percent of people will go to your competitor if they don’t receive a response within 30 minutes. Instantly receive alerts when a call is missed, does not convert or is not handled correctly. Capture important details about the missed opportunity and keep the lead alive.


Detailed behavioural analytics on customers who pick up the phone and call your business. Attribute the exact keywords that triggered the customers search behaviour as well as the source, medium, campaign, landing and conversion pages plus more.


Get credit for the leads you generate. With phone leads 10-15 times more likely to convert, it is time to bring phone leads into your digital strategy and start optimising to leads which drive higher ROI and revenue. Completely whitelabel with your own brand and create your own markup pricing model.


Getting a phone lead is hard enough in todays digital age. Making sure your team is answering the calls accurately and efficiently is the key to turning the lead into revenue. Automatically score the lead based on specific rules and requirements.


Seemlessly integrate your data into your existing CRM, bid management, automation and marketing analytics tools. With out of the box integrations into Google Analytics and Google AdWords, start measuring phone lead conversions with your digital campaign performance.

Our Pricing

Simple, scalable,

Call Metrics is built with agencies in mind. Let us help you stay ahead
of the pack and become wildly successful.

GEO Number

Per Month
  • 30 c p/minute answer on landline
  • 34 c p/minute answer on mobile
  • (within New Zealand)

0800 Number

Per Month
  • 45 c p/minute answer on landline
  • 55 c p/minute answer on mobile
  • (within New Zealand)


Hear what our clients

are saying

GAVIN COX – Director, Edge Online Consulting

Before we implemented call tracking our reporting was focused on Clicks, Impressions and form completions. We soon realised that our campaign performance was undervalued by our clients as we are now able to attribute offline phone conversions that take place online to our digital campaigns. The phone call was the key path to purchase for the majority of our clients.

MARKO KISA –  COO, Firefly

Call Tracking with Call Metrics has revolutionised our business. We went from taking 2 hours to install one client onto call tracking, now down to 5 minutes. Most of our clients that comes through our agency are implemented onto call tracking and have really helped improve our SEO reporting. Not only does the client have more transparency on results but our team is better equipped to optimise campaigns and make better decisions. Excellent stuff.


Q and A

How long does it take to order tracking numbers?
You can order numbers straight away! Our simple online number ordering process enables you to get up and running immediately. Why wait for days to receive tracking numbers when you can do it in a matter of minutes?
Are there any contracts?
No. Call Metrics is extremely flexible and you can cancel your account at any time. Remember to download your data before you leave!
Do I need to change my current phone system?
Not at all! Call Metrics is 100% cloud based and does not require any software or hardware to set up.
Do I need access to my clients' website to install tracking code?
Call Metrics is built for agencies, with ease of implementation in mind. The tracking script can be fired within a Tag Manager solution with no back end access required. Bypass costly web masters and developers and start attributing phone leads quickly and efficiently.
How is my account billed?
Each Call Metrics account is billed directly to your credit card at the beginning of each month. You will have access to reports that show the breakdown of each of your clients and their spend. Monthly invoicing is available for large volume clients.

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